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Created by M.Stillman

These consists of papers and articles I have written which are a useful introduction to the techniques for research students and student teachers .

They contain many references to stories and ideas which should be enough to get you started in the classroom.

Articles can be found in “RE Today “ “The International Journal of Children’s Spirituality” and in book two of the “International Handbook of the Religious , Moral and Spiritual Dimensions of Education” published by Springer in 2006. This a useful handbook for anyone researching aspects of Religious and moral education and is a collection of articles from scholars interested in the spiritual dimensions of RE.


You can also download a list of the basic techniques and suggestions for music. You could also look up “In the mood” an article by me on the use of music published by the TES some years ago. There are suggestions for active techniques for AFL.




Becoming a PSHCE Teacher for the first time


Introducing the tools of PHSCE into your class


Caring for the Community, Crime, Litter and waste


Smoking and alcohol


Stories to teach that actions have consequences


Teach about the environment


Healthy eating


Paper for Fifth Conference


Teaching Theatre of learning


Courses and Publications


Examples of Religion Neutral exercises


Evaluations from Teachers


Seven basic Techniques of TOL




AFL techniques