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© 2011 Sue Phillips

Created by M.Stillman


“ We all thought RE was just excuse to muck  about. When we  heard the music, came through the door and saw the Island, we were speechless we had never seen anything like it ! ”

Michael: age 14.


“I love RE it really makes you think!”

Rees:  Age 14.


“ Creating our special place in the classroom which was like a  mosque and miming the gestures of prayer really helps you to understand the spirituality of Muslims. “

Rachael: Age 14


“After lessons like these I feel I can go into any family anywhere in the world and understand what their ceremonies mean to them , even if I haven’t come across them before “

Renata ; Age 16


“I am an atheist  but lessons like these really help me to understand where they (believers) are coming from “

Boy aged 16


In our other subjects I don’t remember any thing from a lesson unless I revise it from a book later but these lessons are a part of your life , a memory, because they are experiential. You never forget them “

Joe : Age 16


“Sitting in RE during our lesson on Prayer I realised how much I push people away. I was hit in the face by all my worries .I went home and talked to my Mum about my real Dad and she helped me sort out my relationship with my Step Dad. I am now prepared to see him as a friend rather than an enemy”

Sophie 16


“I will never forget a lesson we had in year eleven

when we were learning about the Orthodox church. You asked us to light a candle for someone special in our lives .It was the first time I had done anything like that .I cried for the rest of the day. Theatre of Learning has taught me that there are things I can do when I am upset to make myself feel better like put worries into a stone and throw it, so thank you “         Kyrsty  Age 18


“In   the prayer exercises I thought about the old lady up the road .She is very grumpy and always moaning about us kids . Me and my sister used  make fun of her .

She has cancer and is going to die very soon. I thought how lonely she must be and how frightened. My Mum goes round every Sunday with magazines and fruit. I think I will get her a cake or something to take round from me. May be that will make up for what I did”

   Emma Age 16